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Why Shop


There are many reasons to shop consignment,

and it has become increasingly popular. 

When you shop consignment,

there is 

a constantly changing 

selection of inventory 

to browse,

and You can find

clothing, handbags, shoes,

and accessories

of amazing quality

at very affordable prices

to complement

your personal style

and add interest

to your wardrobe.


consignment shoppers

love the thrill of the hunt

that consignment

stores offer. 

It can be quite addicting,

Consignment is also

a sustainable way to shop,

re-using and recycling

what was once someone else's and making it

uniquely your own.

It's sustainable fashion- 

good for the environment,

and your closet, and your wallet!


If you are looking

for a particular piece or designer, we can make

a wish list for you

and contact you

if it comes into the store.

Valelentino designer dress at Velvet Beret Boutique Consignment

Superior Service

As an alternative

to big retail stores

or online shopping,

we are here to help!

we offer 

personal service

and styling advice.

 to help you find

that perfect piece

you've been searching for,

put together a killer outfit,

or build

a stylish custom wardrobe. 


we have a lot of fun

doing it!

shop at home

we ship!

In East Greenwich,

in Rhode Island,

and New England or Beyond,

shop pieces from our

Facebook and Instagram posts,

where you can find

new items

coming into the store 

and some of our favorites.

Call or email us

for details or questions about any of our pieces

or to purchase via phone..

we also offer paypal

for purchasing

any of our pieces!


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