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How to Consign


at Velvet Beret

is easy. 

 Call or email us

to set an appointment to bring in the items you'd like to consign. 

We will go through your Things with you to decide which items we think will have

the best chance

of selling in our shop

and that are

seasonally appropriate.

We ask that you

bring your things in

clean, pressed,

and on hangers.

Chanel designer jacket at Velvet Beret Boutque Consignment
Louis Vuitton designer handbag at Velvet Beret Boutique Consignment


Which items

have the best chance of selling

in our shop? 

Items that are

as current as possible

 (with the exception

of true vintage items),

are seasonal,

and are in excellent condition

(clean and free

of snags, tears,

holes, stains, etc.)

High end

designer label items

stay relevant longer,

so even if these pieces

are a few years old,

they are still in demand.

Consignment shoppers

are always on the hunt

for designer handbags, shoes, and accessories

so those pieces tend to sell very well in the store.

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The Details

The consignment period

is 3 months and

 we offer a 50/50 split

on most items.

you will be given

a higher split

on high end

designer pieces. 

We will go over

all of this with you during

your appointment. 


We research each piece

and then

set prices accordingly.

Our goal is

to price items to sell

within 30 days 

without a markdown.

We will discuss acceptable pricing

of any high end

designer pieces

with you

before we put them

into inventory.

Items on the floor

are subject to markdowns

or discounts,

but high end pieces

will not be

marked down. 

If we receive offers

on those items,

we will  contact you 

and you can 

accept, or counter 

with a price.  

What Happens

to Unsold Items?

At the end of the consignment period, you must contact us

if you would like

to collect your things. 

We'll let you know

when they will be ready.


they will become

the property

of Velvet Beret.

We will donate them

at our discretion.


donations are made 

to the RI chapter

of Dress for Success.

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