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Michele Beamon owner of Velvet Beret Boutique Consignment


I'm Michele Beamon.  

I have been in the women's designer consignment

resale industry

in  East Greenwich and Rhode Island for 17 years. 

I have always had a true love for fashion.  

But, not just for fashion. For style. 

I believe that putting together an outfit 

is an expression

of one's spirit and creativity. 

I love selecting beautiful pieces and combining them in unique ways

to help women achieve their own style so that they feel comfortable and beautiful .  I get the greatest satisfaction in  helping them to walk through their lives

feeling confident and stylish and able to fully embrace their day-to-day roles 

as well as the special events and milestones in their lives.

 I also get excited and inspired with the concept

of re-using and re-purposing what once belonged to one person, 

and giving it new life and meaning for someone else. 

I think it''s magical, and it's just one of the reasons why

 love the women's consignment industry so much! 

I'm so happy  to be a part of it.

At Velvet Beret, 

my latest endeavor in East Greenwich, Rhode Island

I have partnered with an old friend who shares my love of fashion and style. 

We have a carefully curated collection of pieces at great price points

for you to browse and enjoy. 

We hope you'll come by to visit and chat, get to know us,

explore our store, and find something you love. 

Please follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram, 

You 'll find pictures of some of our favorite pieces, style info and insights,

and hopefully a little inspiration too.

Velvet Vibes


Michele & Janet

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